Dynamic Policy Law is based in the Denver area, but will represent clients in federal courts throughout the Western states. 

DPL's address is not posted here because consultations are only arranged by advance appointment.

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Dynamic change at the intersection of law and public policy

Dynamic Policy Law represents clients for:


  • Regulatory Litigation — Challenging regulations and government decisions through the Administrative Procedure Act or other laws. 

  • Amicus Briefs — Helping a Court understand how a case between other parties affects your interests and larger public policy issues.

  • Intervention — Using Rule 24 to intervene as a third party in a case that affects your interests and larger public policy issues.

  • Appeals — Appealing federal and state court decisions.

  • Environmental and Public Lands Law — Advising clients regarding environmental laws and public lands law.

  • Civil Rights Litigation — Challenging government actions that violate due process and other Constitutional rights.

Matthew Morrissey's 20-year career includes work as a journalist covering Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court during the 1990s; staff for leaders of the Colorado House of Representatives; and counsel for the United States Senate Commerce Committee.